A Short Excerpt on Self-Acceptance

Today I felt sad. Looking back, I don’t think anything inherently caused it. Nothing happened, and nothing comes to mind that made me feel sad, but still, happiness was rather absent, even though my thoughts were relatively optimistic. Although, this isn’t bad at all.  I ran some errands, did a home workout, went to work and this somber feeling was simply prevalent throughout. I even made jokes with people along the way. It’s not that I was trying to “Hide my emotions with a smile” as people like to say. I showed genuine interest when I made conversation with people, but as soon as that interactive joy would wear off, I regulated back to unenthusiasm instead of remaining elevated. But you know what, this doesn’t bother me. In fact, this happens quite often and I’ve learned to embrace it. If I, or anybody was excessively happy all the time, they would need help for being in a manic state.

I still have a lot to learn about both myself and the world, but I think that many people could benefit by understanding their emotions more. The absence of happiness, usually leaves us with “uncomfortable” emotions, but that shouldn’t be immediately bad, nor should it be a problem. Bliss isn’t the goal of life. Sometimes you will feel happy and sometimes you will feel sad, and you’ll quite often feel everything in between. Once you learn to be comfortable with your own uncomfortability you will become much more resilient as a person. Accept yourself for all the facets of your being, not just the ones that make you feel good.


Thanks for reading, and as always, keep the positivity guys.


Peace out,




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I am just your average Joe. I don't profess to be the smartest or most well-spoken guy around, but I'd like to believe my heart is in the right place. Currently, I'd say i still have a lot to learn in this world, but as I am today, I would like to share my thoughts, perspectives, and passions, with the people that are willing to follow along and grow with me. There is no specific catalog of subjects that I will touch on in this blog, but some things that are of interest to me are Psychology and Philosophy, contemporary social issues, and personal passions such as anime, music or physical health.

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