I’m going to try my best to stay away from using my blog to speak about personal experiences.. After all, I am just one small person on the vast ecosystem of people we call Earth. Believing that any of you care about what some random 22 year old in the east coast of america is up to on a day to day basis would simple be very naive and egotistical. My main goal is to attempt more meaningful discussion on thought provoking topics. However, I suppose I am still relatively new to blogging and am still trying to figure out how to gain a following, so I have the liberty to write about whatever without any real risk. That said, there will be times when I’d like to nerd out on more frivolous topics. Today is one of those days. 😀

A couple weekends ago I had the pleasure of taking part in Zenkaikon, 2017; an Anime Convention. This particular convention takes place in Lancaster, Pennsylvania every Spring season. In case you don’t know, these types of gatherings include the congregation of people who enjoy gaming, eastern pop culture, comics and so on so forth. You know, nerds, geeks, otaku. All such labels are welcome in my book. Anyway, among those many shared interests, people also get a chance to invoke their creative side by dressing up as their favorite characters in what is commonly referred to as cosplay, but that is by no means a requirement. For those of you who are here and already know about convention life, let’s just nerd out together for a little bit. And if you’re not too familiar, then still feel free to join along here, learn something new, and by the end maybe you’ll feel enticed to go to your first con.

First of all, the utmost captivating part of the experience: The Cosplay! I’ve seen a good amount of anime in my day so being able to see all of the characters come to life was nothing short of fascinating. Plus, figuring out the puzzling obscure characters was also a lot of fun. And then there’s the rave. This was my first experience at a techno rave show, and it was the cream of the crop, the bees knees, the cats meow… animazing ja feel meh?… But seriously, dancing and partying with all of our favorite characters was equal parts ridiculousness and incredible at the same time. Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist, the Akastuki from Naruto, shit even Deadpool was there to make a cameo appearance in the world of anime. How they managed to dance while still being in costume is beyond my understanding as it was a boiling mess on the dance floor, but I won’t complain. It was something to remember nonetheless.

Cosplay and rave aside, there are other more organized events to take part in as well. There are a long list of different panels in which a few speakers will get together and discuss with the crowd pretty much anything. It goes anywhere from watching obscure Internet videos or anime, to analysis and deconstruction of manga form, to even art appreciation. Personally, I found the panels to be a little boring at this particular con, which does not reflect on the experience at all and shouldn’t say anything of the expectations for future cons. I just found myself leaving them midway through out of boredom until I just stopped going. My main squeeze was the networking and camaraderie.

I attended this event by myself with little to no expectation, so instead of sharing the experience with a close friend, I found myself striving to make as many new friends as possible. I really enjoy meeting new people, so majority of the time I posted up at the water coolers and would strike up conversations with people as they came by. I met a lot of cool and interesting people and made plenty of new friends doing that. It was also very convenient for getting good pictures with cosplayers as they walked past. Other than that, I also spent a decent amount of time in the peddler’s room eyeballing all the merch that I couldn’t afford but wanted so bad. However, I did buy a few good board games for cheap and can’t wait to delve into them with some friends.

By the end, I’d say it was a large learning experience for sure. Immediately walking into the con you could feel the vibes of the people and tell that it was a very welcoming atmosphere. A lot of the workers at the hotel that the con took place at said that they didn’t mind the extra work because of how cool and interesting the event and people were. That said, even if you are not into anime or gaming culture, but are an open-minded person and a fan of seeking out novel experiences, I would totally recommend attending a convention. I for one cannot wait for the next adventure.


Spread Joy And Happiness Wherever You Go

Thanks For Following Along

And Peace Out


P.S. If you have any questions about conventions or anime or anything, feel free to ask. I enjoy discussion.


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I am just your average Joe. I don't profess to be the smartest or most well-spoken guy around, but I'd like to believe my heart is in the right place. Currently, I'd say i still have a lot to learn in this world, but as I am today, I would like to share my thoughts, perspectives, and passions, with the people that are willing to follow along and grow with me. There is no specific catalog of subjects that I will touch on in this blog, but some things that are of interest to me are Psychology and Philosophy, contemporary social issues, and personal passions such as anime, music or physical health.

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