One Quote To Rule Them All

“We believe we are going to live, love, and long for where, who, and what we are thinking about right now, but research says that it just aint so. That too is a transient state.”

-Daniel Tommasulo

Upon reading this, it probably won’t mean much to you, and in reality, it doesn’t really mean much to me either, but I like to hang onto it when mindfulness doesn’t seem to help and I feel a little bit lost in the present moment. I mention mindfulness in a previous post, and it is something that I will proceed to carry forward as it is a mentality that I believe is extremely beneficial and can help a lot of people. However, it’s not a problem solver and I don’t believe that there is a “One shoe fits all” way to live life. It’s merely one perspective where there are tons of different ways of looking at things. It’s all about what works for you and finding the most appropriate perspective for the given context and situation. We’re all human beings, and nobody is perfect. Sometimes an event will happen that just brings you down and it is hard to get over it. But as long as you are open to trying new methods and are at least giving it a shot, than that’s the first step to helping yourself.

You may read this quote and ascertain a specific meaning from it, and it very well may be different from my interpretation, but to me this quote serves as a reminder that things change. Quite often we get caught in a loop of negativity where we feel hopeless, but as this quote states, thinking that you are going to live, love, or long, for where, who, or what you’re thinking about right now is just wrong. Things change. The world is in a constant flow and like I always say, every experience no matter how big or small is slowly altering who you are as a person. So getting caught up in the moment and letting it bring you down is useless. Things that are occupying your mind at the present moment are only temporary. You have a perception in the present moment and then it is filtered into your memory bank and then ever so slightly alters your character and future decision-making, so in reality, making each moment a positive one will ultimately create an astounding effect in you throughout your lifetime. So be a little bit more understanding of yourself and persevere. If you learn to be comfortable with your own uncomfortability, you will be able to handle a hell of a lot more unfavorable events in a more constructive manner. It all starts now, and all it takes is time. You’ll eventually become a new person.

While I’m on the topic, I know I said that this will only be about one quote, but I am making an executive decision to add another one that I recently stumbled upon. While this may not be something that I carry around with me or specifically share to other people like I do with the Daniel quote, it certainly does a good job exemplifying my mentality towards differing viewpoints.

Here it is:

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”


(Many situations are relative and not always black-and-white matters; there are usually multiple perspectives on the same thing, different and differing viewpoints; we always reach our conclusions about something through our own thinking; there is ultimately subjectivity to the process of morality, ethics, and our personal choices.)

Along with the quote, the website that I found it on gave this perfect explanation to its meaning. (I will offer the link to the website at the end of this post since it is a direct copy.) They also share a lot of other Shakespearean quotes with explanations. It’s fairly interesting, but I digress. The main take-home message here is to understand that you will never be in the same position you are in now for the rest of your life. Personally, I don’t believe people change, at least not in the way that we popularly define it. People merely just adapt to present circumstance. So it is up to you to be aware of that circumstance (Mindfulness) and to challenge yourself by understanding different perspectives and not letting yourself be swayed to one pattern of thought. Whether you think so or not, you wont be the way you are now forever, so again, be open and accepting and strive to better yourself. Understanding is the first step to greatness.

Tomorrows topic: a couple role models and how they can help you become a better person.

Stay tuned,

Thanks and peace out.



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