The Secret Importance of Friends and Family

As people, we are very social creatures. There’s no doubt about that, and everybody knows it. The people around us influence everything we do and we equally have influence on the people around us. While I see myself as a bit of a lone wolf at heart, it would be profoundly ignorant to say that I got to be who I am today with no influence from my friends and family.

I tend to follow a humanist approach to life. This means we become our current selves based off of a series of events that lead up to this point. The world is in constant flow and every interaction you have with people will influence who you are today whether you realize it or not. As I already said, the same goes for you towards other people. We all have to do our part to aid others in a beneficial way.

It’s simple to say that the people closest to you will have the most influence on who you are; that means friends and family. Some of us may not have too many friends or family, and some of us may not have good relationships with our friends and family, but you know what, the world is 20% what happens and 80% how you look at it. Everybody is important in his or her own way and it is up to you do decide who you want to spend your time around. I don’t believe that you have to particularly like anybody just because they are close to you, but I do believe in unconditional acceptance and understanding, and here’s why.

As I said, the world is in constant flow, and we are all made up of trillions of different neuronal connections. Every minuscule experience that you’ve had has made some amount of impact into who you are at this present moment. The same goes for everybody. That being said, you’ll never truly understand why someone is who he or she is because they are a product of their own unique experience; a collective experience that is impossible to fathom because we can only truly conceptualize our own experience through our own consciousness.However, this is where empathy would com into place. A little bit can go a long way.

Here’s a fun hypothetical that I often find myself going back to. Lets say you are walking down the street and you make eye contact with someone passing by and offer him or her a friendly wave out of kindness. It may not have meant anything to you, but perhaps that person is really insecure and thought you noticing them made them happy. Perhaps they were really nervous about a potential job interview and you giving them that wave gave them a sense of confidence about themselves to go in with ease. Perhaps they recently had a break-up that they were having a hard time getting over and your smile and wave gave them the opportunity to ask you out on a date. People have a wide variety of reasons for being and acting as they are. It’s hard to truly know unless you attempt to gain an understanding.

It’s all hypothetical, of course, but it very much so within the realm of possibility. My main point here is that any body out there has the potential to be a friend. Sure some people have intent that can be harmful to others, but that is only because their life circumstance and collective experience has led them down that path. Others can also be going down that same path, and the only way to combat that is by showing compassion and understanding to your neighbors.

On an ending note, I think one of my more proud moments came from a time when I was having a late night discussion with a group of friends. Asking each other a series of questions, one person asked me who I disliked the most out of the people within the dorm that we were staying in. them understanding that I carry these values were pretty understanding when I said nobody. Their response was actually, “You know, you’re probably the only person I think I would actually genuinely believe that from.” So again, to all my new friends who have read this, again, you don’t have to particularly “like” anybody, but understanding that as a part of your character is a step in the right direction. We all have personalities with various characteristics, and sometimes they conflict, but if you are open-minded and understanding towards others, than I think that almost any kind of compromise can be reached. With that, I say again, friends, who can be any body, and family can and will have profound impact on your life and it is up to you to interpret and become aware of that effect to become the best version of yourself. That is what it means to grow as a person, and that is of utter importance.

Tomorrow’s topic: The overwhelming influence of anime in my life and the lessons it’s taught me.

Stay Tuned and thank you for following along.


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