Daily Posts For Next Week

Stemming from an undergrad background in both psychology and philosophy, I was taught how to think critically and to be analytical. I just recently graduated and now I am lost with how to utilize this knowledge. I know where I have been and I know where I am currently at in life, but where I want to go from here is vastly open. While I do not know where I will end up in the future, I do have many ideas of what I would like to continue doing at the moment. One of them includes the betterment of others and myself. At the moment I am very young and certainly imperfect, but I believe that the ideals and values that I have learned and taken in can certainly help a lot of people. I would like to share some of these ideals with those of you reading this while I also practice articulating my thoughts in written form, getting better at writing, and having fun journaling. That said, next week I would like to dedicate each day to a topic that has had profound influence on my life.

Stay tuned.

Peace out.


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