Today I Did Nothing

To set the scene, it’s about 4:00 AM on a Thursday; I am neither tired nor awake, but rather in a limbo state of energy.  I had just finished binge-watching anime when I finally look at the clock.  I decide it is time to turn in for the night.  With a sudden stroke of inspiration, I decide to set an alarm for the morning to wake up motivated.  Having learned from my own personal experience, six hours is usually the perfect amount of sleep for me.  The sun rises and my alarm sets off and I emerge.  Feeling good about the new day I know exactly what I must do.  Too bad I shut off all of my alarms and went back to bed for another five hours.

…And thus the cycle continues.


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I am just your average Joe. I don't profess to be the smartest or most well-spoken guy around, but I'd like to believe my heart is in the right place. Currently, I'd say i still have a lot to learn in this world, but as I am today, I would like to share my thoughts, perspectives, and passions, with the people that are willing to follow along and grow with me. There is no specific catalog of subjects that I will touch on in this blog, but some things that are of interest to me are Psychology and Philosophy, contemporary social issues, and personal passions such as anime, music or physical health.

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